Monday, October 17, 2005

Chocolate Fudge Sauce

As a child my first encounter with sugar came when my dad slipped a chocolate under both my sister’s and my pillows while we were asleep. I woke up and found the chocolate and ate it immediately. My sister was still asleep at that point, so I got out of bed, retrieved her chocolate, and ate that too.

This early acquired obsession led me to an exploration of sugary after school delights, in the absence of my parents of course! My favourite, for sheer ease of access, was the chocolate sprinkles jar. Step one: remove lid. Step two: pour contents into mouth. Repeat until satiated. I tried this one on my little brother recently. Since I’m a grown up and he’s not, I think he was shocked by my childish behaviour!

Another favourite after school snack was Milo mud. You get a glass, half fill it with Milo, drip some fresh milk into and mix it until it forms a thick, pasty mud. Then you eat it with a spoon.

I also liked making sherbet – only I didn’t bother with the excessive sifting process that combines the sugar and the tartaric acid together. I’d just stick the two in a glass, mix until the lumps in the icing sugar had crumbled, then up-ended the cup into my mouth. I never failed to choke at this point, coughing fine white particles of sugar through my nose, across the kitchen bench.

Sugar is great! But I understand it’s also addictive (although my propeller head friend, Jeannette, will tell you otherwise!). A man once came to Mahatma Ghandi and asked him how to break his addiction to sugar. Ghandi told the man to come back in four days and he would give him the answer then. The man went away, puzzled, and came back four days later. Ghandi then told the man how to give up sugar. “Why did you need four days to give me this answer, Ghandi-ji?” the man asked. “Because I had to break my own sugar addiction first!” was his reply.

100g dark cooking chocolate
2 tblsp sour cream (light if you want to kid yourself!)
2 tsp Kahlua (coffee liqueur)

1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave oven for approximately two and a half minutes. If you don’t have a microwave you should get one. Just kidding! You can melt the chocolate in a double bowl over simmering hot water.

2. Quickly stir the sour cream into the melted chocolate. Continue to stir until both are well combined. Mixture will thicken and become quite fudgy.
3. Add the coffee liqueur and check for taste. Add more if you want a stronger flavour.
4. Serve hot with icecream. You could have enough for two serves here, but only if silly enough to share!

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