My Little Pony cute Cupcake Book

I am thrilled to announce I have finally published a book! It's not the long awaited Kitchen Alchemy book - it's something entirely different. I was very fortunate last year to be asked to design 12 cupcakes for the My Little Pony Cute Cupcake Book. My Little Pony is a world-wide phenomenon. The seven core ponies, Rainbow Dash, Toola Roola, Cheerilee, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Star Song and Sweetie Belle have been creating fun and joy for little girls aged three to seven for over 25 years. So you can imagine I jumped at the chance to work with Hasbro and The Five Mile Press on this unique project. This month the My Little Pony Cute Cupcake Book is released in Australia through Scholastic Books. It features recipes and detailed decoration instructions for seven cupcakes based on the ponie, plus five extra cupcakes representing the world the ponies love to live in. It also comes with stickers and party invitation. I'm so excited to have been involved with the creation of this book. It's a wonderful gift for a little girl and anyone who enjoys baking cupcakes. If you'd like a copy check out page three of the Scholastic Catalogue by following this link: Scholastic Books


Anonymous said…
I've just bought this for my daughter and we're hoping to make the Glitter & Glam Cupcakes this weekend. Hopefully you'll see them up on her blog after the weekend.
They look amazing, well done on the book!
Petrina said…
Ooo! Let me know how you go. Try and get good quality turkish delight for that recipe - the kind you find at nut shops covered in icing sugar.
Hey, sorry I never came back to you. I'm just transferring Caitie's blog to Blogspot, and thought to check in with you. We've made several of your cupcakes now, with great success. Feel free to pop over and check out Caitie's blog - Cooking With Caitie!

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