Saturday, August 25, 2012

More big cakes

Well it seems every time I go to the markets I get less blogging done. Which is surprising because I am always cooking until I virtually drop. I came out of the corporate for a while again this year and decided to go back to market with my cupcakes. It's been an awesome time, and in between I've had some cool big cake jobs which I thought you'd like to see.

This is The Batman Cake. Aka The Dark Knight Rises Cakes. It was made for a former colleague whose son was turning 21. It was an awesome pleasure making this cake because it really struck the right mood for the last Batman movie. The photo doesn't really show how cool the colour of the cake was - a mixture of cyan, grey and black icing.

I made this cake for my little boy's third birthday. Despite his love of robots and cars he insisted that he wanted a duck cake. I had to make sure the duck design wasn't twee - otherwise it would have looked quite babyish. The interior of both the cake and the barn is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. I had the same interior for the Batman cake.

This is Dorothy the Dinosaur. I made her for a little girl who was having two birthday parties and two cakes. Her mum wanted to be able to put Dorothy on one cake then transfer her to the other. Dorothy is made entirely of fondant, which I think I was lucky to get away with. Next time I will take a leaf out of Planet Cake's book and make the middle of the figurine out of caramel fudge.


Seema said...

I absolutely LOVE your batman cake! I'd like to try to make that logo for my brother's birthday cake this year. Would you mind telling me how you got the logo to look so shiny? Was it just straight luster dust? Also, is the black just basic fondant? Such a cool cake :) Thanks in advance!!

Petrina said...

Hi Seema, years later I reply! Sorry about that. The Batman logo is silver lustre dust, layered up so that it's nice and simmery. The black was made up of some blue, some black and some grey fondant so that it was more midnight-esque. At this point I was still colouring the fondant myself - a huge time requirement. Now I buy the pre coloured fondant and use it as a base to achieve the colour I want.

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