Friday, July 16, 2004

Liqueur Variations

As I mentioned, you can use this recipe to make other fruit flavoured liqueurs.  The two variations I can highly recommend are shown below.
Cherry Liqueur
1. Choose plump black cherries at the height of summer - you'll need about a kilo of cherries.  Wash and remove stalks.
2. Layer whole cherries as per instructions for Strawberry liqueur.  The most important part of this recipe is the cherry seed - while the alcohol will take its colour from the cherry skin, it will derive its flavour from the actual cherry pit.
3. Leave for at least a year to get the best out of the variation.  I know it seems a long time, but trust me - it will make a difference!
Pear Liqueur
1. Choose fleshy yellow-skinned pears for this variation -  you'll need about six pears.  Wash, cut into quarters and remove core and seeds.
2. Layer pear pieces as per instructions for Strawberry Liqueur.  Leave a good two inches room at top of jar.  Pour in vodka, making sure all pears are completely covered.  Any pears left exposed will turn brown and will give the liqueur a flavour of rot - yuck!
3. Remove pears after one week - Liqueur should have developed a golden brown colour.  Unlike the other variants, Pear Liqueur can be consumed once filtration process is complete.

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